Monday, March 16, 2009

9 steps to own a beautiful healthy teeth

However, to have a healthy teeth and a beautiful smile "death" of teen needs some attention to the following home.

1. Comb teeth properly
Teen chải remember that about 3 minutes each time with "posture" of the first brush teeth inclined about 45 degrees

2.Restrict Eat foods cause damage to teeth

Teen not know, hard candy, local stone ... can cause buttons for solid proof of that đấy. The types of beverages containing CO2 also corrode tooth enamel. Also coffee and tea that cause color changes, the color that xỉn very ugly by the.

3. Do not get teeth Ganh more tasks

Nghiền and chew food are the two main tasks of his teeth đấy them. Therefore, you should not get them to add Ganh tasks MISCELLANEOUS others. For the bites (seeds, fruits, eggs, shrimp, crab ...), including the habit of writing first to use that fabric ... xé will cause damage to the enamel, making teeth appear the vulnerabilities that cause deep and wobbly legs that anymore.

4. No smoking

The teen smoking is often at risk of disease infected gums that about 4 times compared teen smoking is not. Besides smoking also that ngả gold and breathing is not comfortable little time. Chả is fat and when you do the "one guy", teen quickly say bye bye house.

6. Know the side effects of medication

Side effects of some medicines, such as medicine and as the nose, the primary benefit ... can reduce the amount of saliva. When the saliva is reduced that to be further explored. Teen Watch out!

7. Do not ignore problems

Some diseases of stomach, kidney damaged and may also be a cause of harm enamel, causing the inflammation, inflammation around that ... So you need to pay attention to diet as directed by doctors.

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