Monday, March 16, 2009

Enhances Windows with only few mouse click

Windows by default after the installation was set up for you all the effects, but sometimes they are not really necessary, even make your computer work is not fast, especially with the computer configuration weak. If to reduce the effects of this speed machine will be improved.

With WinXP, you can do the following:

Mouse to My Computer -> Properties -> select advance tab -> select Settings under Performance. In Visual effects tab, you uncheck all the boxes, leaving the final 2, if not then your Windows will look very sad smile

With Windows Vista and Windows7, you do the same:

Mouse to My computer -> choose Properties -> Advanced system settings -> select the Advance tab in Settings in Perfomance. You also select the same as with windowXP.

2 effects are retained will help icon on the desktop and windows still look "that mượt" and not be "uncouth". To return to the windows at first, you just perform the above steps and integrated into all the effects. If you want you can explore more and keep the effect you like.

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