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1. Original disease - Patients born.

From scowl in scattered everywhere in nature: air, land, water, skin, the throat ... and cause poisoning if formed in the bowel (Enterotoxin) from the production of the toxins from the gold (Staphylococcus aureus). Cases poisoning first food cream cake caused by the gold together was to say years from 1901-1914 with the notice of the digestive disorders in the stomach bowels of cattle DRINKING MILK.
We have confirmed that milk does not cause poisoning after vắt, but only after 3-5 hours it can become poison. Potentially poisoning only happens when eating food with bacteria. But if the only food the bacteria does not cause poisoning. It demonstrates that poisoning is caused by toxins of bacteria are produced in the food environment with the activities of bacteria. Since the toxins produced bowel is a powerful toxins. In recent years, those of food poisoning due to be focused more to say. In 1969 IT MY LOCATION Right top.

Food poisoning due to focused. Is not an infection, which is a foreign poisoning by toxins alone (Enterotoxin) like Botulism poisoning. Disease occurs when tẻ now, when a group is the same as a service has been reported on the 1000 students were food milk powder. Diseases that occur suddenly, but ended quickly. Patients from the whole. Fish separate deaths in YEU DO ONE The large amount of toxins. Speed development and toxins of the word depends on the conditions of the environment. From slow to develop in 4 - 6OC, DEVELOPMENT YEU At 12-15OC, rapidly developing in 20-QUICK AND 22OC in 25-35oC.

From the relatively stable region with high concentration of sugar. Concentration of sugar in candy cake Mứt up to 60% can inhibitors completely the development of the CAU from concentration of sugar at 33-55% from the still in the development of other bacteria such as Shigella, Salmonella are inhibitors . With the concentration of salt greater than 12% from the continuously developed.

From the poor with sustainable heat and processing methods are generally kill the bacteria easily, contrary to toxins together under very high temperature, higher than in all the other bacteria. Disinflation want to be together the boiled food at least 2 hours. The cooking does not reduce in power of IT. So far Groups Research in America (Bergdoll and Casmaun) has defined and divided into 6 groups in the bowel through the different reactions and serum experiment on animals. It is Enterotoxin A, B, C1, C2, D, E. It is in General Surface cells of germs as foreign toxins 1. Besides the characteristics under high temperature, toxins are also focused to the sustainable resolution of the yeast protein, alcohol alcohol, formaldehyt high. Most of the documents to cause food poisoning created Enterotoxin AD CHI ENTEROTOXIN B is found in documents BRIDGE GAY Viêm entire bowels in children (Staphylococcus entero colitis).

2. Clinical.

Generally time ủ disease by poisoning Wordplay clause 1-6 hours, average of 3 hours, this signal is important to diagnose distinguish with poisoning due to Salmonella. Kì time of disease, patients feel dizzy nausea and vomiting data dội, colic and the flow ia, headache, fast circuit, the temperature is normal or slight fever due to water loss. Patients will complete the following from 1-2 days, rarely are fatal.

3. Epidemiological study.

Infectious source: The existence of the word primarily in natural skin and the list is the Mac, then have to be inflammatory breast milk. Approximately 50% of healthy people that together cause the disease and does not cause disease.

CAU's network from concentrate. Many in the nose, throat and then, hands.

Khuẩn healthy people carry less risk than patients because patients are often together to cause disease in large quantity, the infection spread very easily through coughing, sneezing snivel. In healthy people can have together to cause disease.

- The role of food

+ Milk and milk products:

We Searched monk BRIDGE Many in fresh milk (14.6%) and then váng milk and cream (6.8%). Milk has more micro-organism method Pasteur rate together to reduce the lot, only 0.66%.

+ Canned fish oil are:

The process of producing canned, raw materials such as fish can be infected and focused to toxins, the sterility canned together to destroy the toxins, but it remains the same. Therefore cases of food poisoning from eating tuna can still happen and when, if separated together to find the bacteria, will not.

+ Confectionery include milk:

Confectionery generally have higher sugar levels than 60% of bacteria do not develop even focused demand. Pastry cream with milk sugar levels are usually low under 60% can be focused to develop and toxins. However not only the product cakes with milk can cause poisoning but other foods such as meat and fish environment is favorable for the development of toxins that cause poisoning. Some things to note is when the competition with other bacteria, it only developed without birth To Read. In contrast to the environment and competitiveness in food has been cooked together kĩ the development and toxins are quite strong.

4. Prevention measures.

To prevent the spread of infection focused on the food, it should be required to check the health sector workers with food. People with diseases of the nose throat, respiratory inflammation road is not direct contact with food, especially food was cooked. People with mild disease, such as sneezing nose .... SO FOR TAM Switch working in departments other direct contact with food.

To prevent infection together for industry workers and food production and processing of food, have the following measures:

- Sale and cold.

- Create conditions for a climate where lí production as clear air ventilation. Facilitate temperature and humidity stable. Strengthening of sanitation facilities, hygiene and monitoring an individual closely in the staff dining industry. Regular inspection is hand hygiene, oral disease and care visit, acne skin nhợt outside. Required to use the site during working

- Need to organize your visit to kì workers, if the existing network from the right to cause his dismissal and immediate treatment with antibiotics effective special. Every day should check hand processing workers, people who are blind inflamed skin only to continue to work when authorized by medical staff local. For food is the best food was cooked, especially tết Yes AN IF NOT NOW to protect your LẠNH O 2-4oC.

With pastry cream with milk need to make the strict hygiene regulations in the production and sales as it is common cause that in NGO Read Food From AO khuẩn CAU.

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