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Chemical and Pharmaceutical China

China (TQ) is the momentum of the huge, especially in recent years. At present, the TQ is the national ranking second only after the United States of products produced for the needs of people in the world. Goods ngập TQ carry everywhere. But within three years, chemical industry and pharmaceutical TQ has tennis dance step, from which arose some concern about the quality (quality), because this country can provide the much how to "work" sometimes exceed standards allow the processing of the international application for chemical, Biochemical, and pharmaceutical care and attention to the amount (quantity) only.

If our way to Shanghai about four years ago, this city has only a small number of laboratory research, production base of pharmaceutical companies a few foreigners. But at present, Shanghai has become a center of research and production can be on the top of the world. And still more, Beijing, Suzhou, and some cities and development of this industry. Can say at present, TQ goes to the production of bulk pharmaceutical products for consumers worldwide.

We also admit that through history, TQ no psychological chemicals used to cure that habit only for Herbal treatment. However, only a few years, many companies research chemicals and pharmaceutical foreign invested massively in this country is the U.S. companies and Japan. Typically BioDuro Company (California) is estimated to reduce the 1 billion dollar cost of producing pharmaceuticals in TQ for the U.S. market. Therefore industry and technology-(biotechnology) is developing very fast in this place.

This article has described the purpose of pharmaceutical technology and the development of therapeutics with us luy development too fast in this country.

Pharmaceutical Industry China

History of pharmaceutical science TQ started with hundreds of thousands of trees all types to mix it with other trees, of the chemicals in nature, even the dry mix of some animals to pharmaceutical . Since then the open field medical Classic TQ.

TQ pharmaceutical industry, including such activities as follows: 1 - Article and the standards of the pharmaceutical products, 2 - of chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing workshop for the pharmaceutical, 3 - Analysis of medicine used in the treatment, 4 - The delivery. Therefore, pharmacy science TQ divided the two main traditional medicine used Herbal medicine and modern. TQ clinic also offers two ways of treatment on.

Nationwide, there are about 50 pharmaceutical science university in each sector that accounts for the half. Time is 4 years with the ability to have a few more years of experience. Most graduates work in the pharmacy room, large or more soldiers in the pharmaceutical services.

Since when have the economic reforms in 1980 in TQ, TQ pharmaceutical industry has developed constantly and navigation through the penetration of modern medicine in many ways effective treatment for some soldiers. Since then, a little pharmacists tend to study medicine instead of more of the daily work in the correct phase of the weight prescribed by your doctor again.

In research, the general and treatment (purification), and isolated (isolation) of organic chemicals used in the production of pharmaceutical products to be focused more. Then, go deep in the more stable (stabilization) of chemicals, test methods, and standards of the chemical (spelled out). One of the new industry research study it is the accepted (and temporarily from the word "availability") of the body under a variety of different medicinal herbs, from which the decision weight of the medicine applied to the be. Industry protein synthesis and production of vitamin current TQ also a big challenge for the world.

In China, since 1907, the Faculty of Medicine TQ (Chinese Pharmaceutical Association-CPA) is the largest association for the industry is focused on the 3000 individual and group research. Through the research group can include more than 105,000 members.

TQ also the company's pharmaceutical distribution in the country, as companies Sanjiu Enterprise Group has close to 10,000 locations, with revenue of 157 million dollars; China Nepstar company with 5000 locations sales reached 124 million.

Growth rate for the year to about 16.7% within three years. It join the WTO since 2001, TQ officially open a new election for the foreign investment as well as to attract more science and research and market pharmaceutical products, which may say consumption levels are the world's largest.

Standing aspects of government, the National Agency for Food and Pharmacy (SFDA) management and complete control of the pharmacy TQ. Before 1999, the government TQ prohibit the production of pharmaceutical products or by private contracts with foreign companies. Mãi months to 10, 1999, SFDA new law on the adjustment and setting laws about pharmaceutical products in 2001, soon after joining the WTO. From which this new industry developing label-free chóng code. Up to now, TQ has invested nearly 19 billion dollars for the construction and upgrading of research and production. Net income in 1999 for the industry is 24 billion dollars, and in 2004 was 56 billion.

A pharmacy other than the right of vitamins we currently use is a topic for TQ. Almost every time we ngậm a Vitamin C, for example, where most production is TQ. Within less than a decade, TQ provides 90% Vit C market in the United States. Vitamin industry consists of TQ on the 5000 production company with 2 million service trade reached 2.5 billion dollar sales worldwide in 2006. Of course, with a level of development and production such as, the evils poor quality, not the bottle bottle of origin, lack of table analysis and chemical use occur more.

A product no less important in more TQ medicine is needed to reduce the advertising and sale of display throughout the world. Consumers can not distinguish real medicine or medicine by the production from TQ and has many collective case (class action) of this drug in the United States.

Currently, most countries in the world are imported antibiotics or antibiotics, the elements (enzymes), and a variety of amono acid as the original (primary). TQ produce penicillin 70%, 50% aspirin, 35% acetaminophen (Tylenol is the brand name of this chemical) provide global humanity.

Control chemical products and pharmaceutical products China

Within two years, TQ has made international lest on the safety of products from the country. Through too many "problems" in the past of the safety of the food and pharmaceutical TQ occur almost more often, from the cattle food poisoning are TQ on 4 / 2007, toothpaste containing dimethylglycol then, and most recently in "high há" (2008) TQ production through Japan contains many chemical balance of plant protection etc. ... and safety issues have been the product of the world raised more than gắt gay. (see article "China Syndrome" by the author on www.vastvietnam. org).

Although the current government is TQ focuses more on the safety control products to achieve international standards, but in reality, the issue became more complex through a variety of factors:

1 - awareness of safe quality and safety and hygiene has not been properly evaluated all of the producers and consumers,

2 - run by psychological benefit, forget about the factors safety and sanitation standards are needed by the product manufacturer,

3 - and more important as the brain in the right cầm almost "blindly" to the situation on the currency occurs.

Can tell, the only object of the TQ cầm right now is to create the wealth of material under any how, and if there are victims, whether the domestic or foreign can not impair asthma brain above. This new official is the concern of humanity today.

We still remember two years ago, from TQ's Director of National Agency Food and Pharmacy through the palm 832,000 dollars of production to export certain chemicals and pharmaceutical products are not safe from foreign market. This sole purpose is to remove dịu level object in the world rather than solving a pouring ráo currency status in the production of the TQ, as the "root xì people" still occur with high rhythm more and more sophisticated.

Food industry and pharmaceutical products by TQ the eyes of the international observation as Peter Kovacs, Counseling food in Nevada has been divided into 3 components: 1 - part of the adviser and the first from the country to achieve international standards as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP); 2 - remaining components produced second and third or not based on any criteria, or equipment with parentheses or government inspection to launch market not only does not meet the standards but also the risk of impact on health of consumers again.

Attitudes of consumers

As said above, we, the consumer products in the TQ, from toys for children, the most used tool in the kitchen or tool design, a fresh food, dry form the food to the "advanced" as yến, dark but limited, since flu tablet to drug therapy, many soldiers are complex ... all products can bring the risk of unexpected and at any time can happen to us. All the rooms of almost any, except that we completely boycott not use products that carry the trademark "made in China", but that can not be found. But we certainly do not completely "free mhiem" TQ where the evidence, because that is how much nhái goods, fake goods do not have brand names or trademarks under the brand name Colgate as the radius (in toothpaste Author) , all of which have originated from China!

The world knew and know very clearly in the brain that provide hours of TQ. The still approved for this country to join the WTO since 2001, although TQ not meet standards on human rights, economic systems are closed under the state enterprises, not a luxury in many radical right the people's standard of the United Nations. Article follows below the wing has claimed for TQ, can equal that violate the promised and approved after joining, which was then not, they are horizontal course in itself is an even more thanks to the chair privileges Resolution in the Security Council United Nations.

In a speech last on 21/2/2008, Ba Duong Van Hoa Office under food safety in Beijing said: "TQ declared the international community that the food in Beijing Olympic will be safe and team should not have to bring food to TQ. Although announced as above, the Committee of the United States will for TQ to 15,000 Kg beef, chicken, pork for the athletes themselves.

Currently the campaign and promoting the Olympics coming 8 months ago by TQ happening drastically to cause more prestige in this country before the world.

But on 14/2/2008, director had Oscar winners Steven Spielberg declared resignation of Advisors for the ad campaign in Beijing. News is more of a series of events to benefit the TQ period as: 1 - Russian accusations of Geely cars unsafe TQ 3 / 2, 2 - 12 / 2, U.S. arrest 4 emissary TQ, 3 - 12 / 2, European Union is planning to start up the WTO TQ, 4 - 13 / 2, Japan detected Pesticides in high hắc TQ; 5 - On 19 / 2, Japan again detected pesticide in frozen mackerel processed in TQ.

All the newly events can happen to our image and attitudes to reflect behavior provides the world's first breach of the safety of chemicals and pharmaceutical products nhái the price of goods in TQ recently prices?

Experience in Vietnam

Certainly we also remember, Vietnam has experienced too much experience in the past problems of chemical and pharmaceutical products and TQ. Please consider a few facts "business pain":

1-In 2005, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan has analyzed and discover all kinds of chemicals as a powder storage and growth are described by you in Hanoi, then, chemical spills ngập on Saigon. The chemical 2,4,5-T, component in the Skin Cam contains Dioxin. Discover was the loss of Dr. Tuan Manager Analysis and Environment has not been known to transfer elsewhere or missing?

2-color product Sudan TQ was not causing too small for the collective poisoning in Vietnam in 2005;

3-Food mixed with chemicals to increase weight and obesity in some kindergartens also did ferment for a period of fame in 2006;

4-And the poisoning in the restaurant or in the collective information base occur almost daily in place of food poison, because beans are vegetables grown with chemicals "no name" for sale full ray everywhere, very effective, ensuring increased several cm in a night!

5-Go pharmaceutical, through experience to SARS was first detected in Shanghai, TQ has been closed until someone died here and spills spread to Vietnam, TQ chịu new employees to the LHQuoc investigation;

6 Know-how chemical storage plant, not animal names produced from TQ is for sale across from the course this year was the press in drinking horn but Vietnam still do not have a reaction to prevent the , or if there is only perfunctory only. The chemicals on most of the chemicals have been banned for use in food or used with a small amount of chemicals and to have the reagent is 99.9999%. This has not TQ. A typical example is in the process of chemical preservation of sodium benzoate, still exists đọng balance of phenol, a toxic chemical influence of nervous children, slow development, therefore, need to refined to eliminate the chemicals after this. TQ did not work, so the price of chemical preservation on the very cheap compared to the chemicals from entering the port Western.

7-ráo more carrots, many is the most happens to children, or students level in many places from the North of Vietnam, in remote rural areas of industrial chemicals have been some observer, physicians and comment on the set and, as never happened in the history of medicine. And that the suspect may be a biological weapons production from TQ to test weapons of mass homicide?

Since the events above forums here, we can get and the high alert that China is not the risk of politics, the invasion of occupied territory, economic .... That the most dangerous threat the risk for the Vietnamese do not have the ability to resistance before British water, as well as wisdom of youth in the future will be no destruction smart enough to develop and open land and Viet Nam again. The warning on the will of the brain of the country are present.

Hope that the above will not occur for future youth Vietnam

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